Embrace What Is Alive In You

Depression, anxiety, addiction, bad habits you can’t break.

The symptoms above may range in intensity and how they affect your thoughts, behaviors, and relationships with others. As difficult as the experience can be, none of those symptoms make up all of who you are.

My practice focuses on helping individuals or couples experiencing transition in their lives find their voice and reclaim their power of choice. I help people rewrite their inner dialogue, replacing shame and judgement with strength and compassion. By doing this you can begin to live deliberately toward your goals and the life you are meant to enjoy.

I also enjoy working with parents who are seeking help in supporting their child who may be struggling with emotional issues of their own.
Parents, or other caregivers, play an important role in the development of children. Many times parents seek the support of a therapist for their child only to find struggles of their own. I help parents identify their role in their child’s recovery and the skills they need to reinforce the positive changes that are taking place.

Counseling can begin as an individual consultation and move toward working with a partner in session. I am committed to moving at your pace and creating the space and set-up that best meets your needs.

The ability to create a life of joy and well-being lies within you. Let’s work together so you can find it.

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