Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Stress and disconnect has been increasing between you and your partner for a long time. Sometimes you feel like giving up. You may even be ready to take that step, but a flicker of hope keeps you connected. You give it another shot only to walk down the same looping path again and again.

Maybe you avoid addressing issues that are important to you because you are afraid of the argument that will follow.

You’ve experienced a change in your relationship and aren’t sure how to make sense of things or how to make it work.

Let me help you make it better.

In any type of relationship, conflict is bound to happen. It’s not reasonable, or realistic, to expect two or more people to always agree on everything. Throw stress, children, work, finances (you know this list can continue…) in the mix and peaceful compromise can seem even more out of reach.

Even if conflict is expected, feeling like you do not have a voice, or that you are forced to compromise your values never feels good. If fact, this usually breeds more resentment and shame for not defending what is important to you.

In counseling you (and your partner!) can learn new ways of being honest with yourself and with each other. Discover how to speak from your heart, say what you believe, and find a solution that will work for everyone.

So if you:

  • Want to break the cycle of arguing or avoiding important issues
  • Need help managing your own emotions during an argument
  • Are ready to learn how to express yourself to be more fully heard and respected
  • Want to remember what brought you together in the first place

… then relationship counseling can help.


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