Parent Support

Parent Support

Are you a parent of teenagers, fighting to maintain peace in your home?

Do you long for more ease and affection between you and your children?

Are you confused about your child’s behaviors and what might be driving those behaviors and how to respond?

Perhaps you had a completely different idea of what being a parent would be like for you.

No one wants to think they are a failure at raising children. More often than not, parents enter into this journey planning to raise happy children, young people who will grow into well rounded adults. When life happens and those plans change it can be tough to change course.

Another familiar situation is swearing you would never do or say something a person in your family said, but it just slipped out.

The role one’s family plays in childhood and adolescence has a strong influence on how we act as adults. Even if we know something has hurt us in the past the impulse to react in particular situations leaves no opportunity to respond differently because of how our brains are wired. In counseling we will explore your experience and responses to present situations. This act builds awareness of the thoughts and feelings that arise right before we do that hurtful thing. This awareness creates an opportunity to learn new ways to respond and become more of the parent you hoped to be.

Parent counseling can take a number of paths. Seeking support will help you find the one that leads you to the connections with your children you may be looking for.

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