Managing Stress in Anxious Times

We are in Month Three of Coronavirus restrictions.  The country is experiencing an immense racial divide with much anger and grief attached to it.  It is getting real.  Initial fear and frustration that may have balanced out a bit over the last two months has returned for some. Frustration may have turned to outrage for many at this point.  While...[ read more ]

Tips For Showing Appreciation

“The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” This is a quote from William James, a philosopher and psychologist who had a part in building Harvard University’s psychology department (He has street cred, y’all!).  I’ve chosen it to lead this article on showing appreciation because he puts it right out there how important it is for...[ read more ]

“Not if anything to say about it I have.” – Wise words from Master Yoda

I admit it, I have completely nerded out creating Yoda quotes that promote a mindful and resilient way of thinking. I was never a huge Star Wars fan growing up. The most vivid memory I have of Star Wars is watching it at the elementary school movie night on the gym floor. It was fun. There were flashy light sabers,...[ read more ]

Positive Thinking to Get Us Through Month Two of Quarantine

Photo from Lidya Nada on Unsplash   Keeping your chin up when we are entering month two of a quarantine can be tough.  Let’s be honest, it  was hard a month ago too.  A global crisis isn’t something that I think many of us were preparing to encounter in our lifetime.  I personally have experienced a number of emotions such...[ read more ]

Showing Up For Life And Having Fun

This is what I want from my life and this is what I hope you want too.  I'm Lauren - you can read more about me here.  I help my clients find the strength that they need to make big changes in their lives, whether it is quitting drinking or using drugs, asking for what they want in a relationship,...[ read more ]

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